20 Witchy Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is such a significant component of my self-care routine and rituals. I often just turn to a fresh page, try to write from the heart, and see what flows out.

Journaling can be a truly revelatory exercise. In fact, I’ve experienced some profound mental and emotional shifts over time by using journaling as a conduit for my innermost thoughts, feelings, fears and desires.

I use it to externalize my intangible and often messy feelings. I find that by making them material, they seem more controllable. By being emotionally raw, honest and unfiltered, as a result I’ve been able to identify patterns and trauma-response behaviours. This new insight and awareness, as well as the inner calm, has been instrumental to my healing process.

How To Journal

I like to be guided by my intuition, using journaling as a way to connect with my higher self. But sometimes, if I’m unsure where to start, journal prompts can be really useful tools. Personally, I enjoy prompts that are more abstract; thought-provoking prompts that compel me to think creatively and allow me to be expressive.

Therefore, I’ve put together some slightly conceptual journal prompts of my own. These prompts are inspired by my own spiritual practices, drawing on common themes and threads of my journal contents and imagination.

The overarching theme of these journal prompts is self-discovery. This wasn’t an intentional theme, but a naturally occurring one that seems to reflect my current journey stage.

So, without further ado… let’s get to the prompts.

Journal Prompts

1. What is my intuition telling me right now?

2. A place that has a piece of my soul

3. A message from my future self two years from now

4. What is the colour of my childhood?

5. My favourite animal

6. A deity I’d like to work with

7. If I was a herb which one would I be?

8. A letter to my shadow

9. When do I feel the most powerful?

10. Something in nature that challenges or unsettles me

11. An energy or presence I often feel around me

12. Something I want the Universe to know

13. Which planet resonates with me the most?

14. An intention for the month ahead

15. When I discovered spirituality and magick

16. A current theme in my dreams

17. Something I am that my ego tells me I’m not

18. How is the moon making me feel at the moment

19. My relationship to the concept of truth

20. What I was put on this Earth to do?

I truly hope that you find these prompts valuable or interesting. I had fun putting them together and I hope to make some more very soon.

If you use them and enjoy them, let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day!



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