11 Simple Ways To Celebrate Nature

Oh hi! Come on in, pour yourself some tea and get comfy. Today we’re talking about simple ways to honour our beautiful celestial orb as weird and messy modern human beings.

Why Celebrate Nature?

For me, I celebrate nature as a form of spiritual self-care. Did you know that we’re all self-aware, walking, talking manifestations of nature?

As humans, we’re not separate entities from the natural world – we’re very much a part of it. Not above it, not beside it, not superior to it. We are it. It’s been said that we are the universes way of experiencing itself – which is super trippy.

If you’re anything like me and you share my witchy inclinations, it’s important to you to feel rooted in and connected to your natural surroundings. To honour the natural world and the seasonal cycles in your daily life and rituals.

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I’m by no means the perfect poster child of sustainability, eco-friendly, zero waste living. But I am constantly learning and trying and doing my best.

I do believe – like many – that the world we live in should be treated with reverence and respect. Unfortunately, that seems to be at odds with how a lot of powerful people and human systems think.

Large-scale destruction and exploitation of the planet for profit has had dire consequences for the ecosphere and human spirit alike. In my view, treating the Earth as though it’s disposable pushes us further away from understanding who we are and why we’re here. Not to mention pushes our one home planet closer towards oblivion everyday.

Celebrating Nature As Spiritual Self-Care

I’m lucky living in North Wales because I have the sea and the beach on my doorstep, rolling hills for miles behind me, the striking Snowdonia mountains only a half hour drive away and plenty of ancient woodland all around. Growing up here definitely helped me to feel close to the natural world and strengthened my spiritual sensibilities.

We all know that the concept of nature is closely conceptually affiliated with meditation and calmness. I believe that’s because it’s us in our truest form.

In Welsh we have a saying: dod yn ôl at fy nghoed which translates literally to English as “to return to my trees”. Metaphorically, it means to return to a balanced state of mind. It signifies the simplicity and serenity underneath all of the layers of man-made madness (not that it’s all bad of course – nuance baby). But there’s just something pure about it that helps but a lot of modern day bullshit into perspective. As such, it’s a great atmospheric setting for practicing gratitude and just feeling grounded.

Honouring nature is to me an important form of self-care. Yes it’s calming and therapeutic, but as I’ve said, philosophically and spiritually we’re one and the same.

You don’t have to live somewhere rural to be able to forge a connection with the natural world. There are so many different ways you can celebrate nature, in daily life and in your spiritual practice.

To me, it’s not just about the mechanics of what you do, but the mindfulness practice behind it. The act itself has value, of course. But there’s something personal and meaningful in the relationship between you and it. Something that makes you feel connected, grounded and empowered.

So, here are 11 simple ways that you can celebrate nature in daily life:

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle and coffee cup

Single use plastics are an enormous problem for wildlife and the ecosphere. They leave a huge carbon footprint, pollute the oceans and will still be here in millions of years.

Reusable glass or porcelain mugs such as Keep Cups and bamboo water bottles like these from drinqright are incredible alternatives to single use plastics. Not too mention extremely adorable and personable.

2. Go litter picking

Litter picking is a great way to reconnect with and celebrate nature. Take care of the planet and clean up your local area while getting some gorgeous fresh air!

3. Plant a tree

Of course, trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment as well as being visually beautiful.

If you have the space and the resources, this is something you can physically do yourself. If you don’t, you can always get involved with reforestation efforts by donating to projects such as World Land Trust.

4. Learn to identify different plants and fungi

Feel a little closer to nature and impress people with your big botanical brains 🌿

5. Go for a meditative walk in nature

Set aside some time to go for a stroll in nature – somewhere that makes you feel completely free. It could be your local woods or nature reserve, a mountain trail, or down by the sea if you live near the coast.

Observe all the sensory experiences around you and let the boundaries between inner and outer start to fade. Harness that energy and use it to empower yourself however you need to. Release negative emotions, realise how special and important you are, gain vital motivation and inspiration, etc.

6. Watch a nature / Earth documentary

Watching nature documentaries can be a great source of learning and information, and lead to radical shifts in our perspectives and priorities. They can also just be interesting and comforting, or conversely, super unsettling when they confront some grim realities.

Either way, it’s a great way to expand your knowledge and get you feeling.

7. Shop sustainably with eco-friendly brands

Spend some time doing your own research into brands that share your values and do good for the planet. Wearth London have a really insightful blog listing the best eco-friendly products for home and lifestyle – a great place to start.

8. Make a bird feeder

Help out the birds and have a little fun!

Making a bird feeder helps by replacing food sources that have been destroyed by development and is a cute way to feel involved in the natural world right on your doorstep or backyard.

9. Walk or cycle instead of driving

Enjoy the fresh air, pop in a podcast, playlist or just listen to the sounds of the natural world around you, and get your body moving joyfully. Less money, less carbon monoxide!

10. Write to your MP or local representative about climate change and environmental issues

Read up about a particular issue that resonates with you and find out more about what your representative is doing (or not) to help the cause.

11. Grow your own food at home or in your garden

There’s something incredibly soothing and rustic about cooking with home-grown veggies and herbs. Not to mention totally delicious.

Celebrating and honouring the world we live in can help us to foster that sense of connection and embeddedness.

I hope these ideas spark some inspiration for you – leave me a comment and let me know if you try any or which ones you feel drawn to try!


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