How To Visualize Your Higher Self

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What if there was a way to maintain unwavering self-belief, faith and self-love throughout all of life’s ups and downs?

A way that, no matter what, you always had a rock solid and abundant source of guidance, and beautiful, fiery momentum to keep you going and chasing your dreams whichever way they ebb and flow…

How incredible would that be?

Well, I’ve got good news for you…

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What Is The Higher Self?

You’ve probably noticed that the term ‘Higher Self’ comes up a lot in a lot of conversations around spirituality and self development.

However, if you’re only just starting out on your own adventure, you might be unsure about what exactly the Higher Self (HS) is and the role it plays in spiritual practices and spiritual development.

It’s a common concept in multiple different faiths and cultures, each with it’s own particular interpretation.

For conscious manifestors like me, it’s an integral part of my practice because it is all about playing with time and connecting with the version of me who already has and embodies what I desire.

Connecting with your HS is about tapping into your own source of infinite love and abundance; adding fuel to the fire of your success and knowing that things are happening for your Higher good.

It has and is everything you want to manifest, so connecting with that part of yourself is incredibly powerful for making things happen.

If you have a specific dream or set of intentions, then your Higher Self is an abundant source of creativity and inspiration to help you manifest those in your physical reality.

It is an ever-present personal guide and intuitive source of potential, self-knowledge, wisdom and clarity.

This is largely because your Higher Self exists in the immaterial realm – the subjective, spiritual dimension. But that doesn’t make it any less “real” or efficacious.

Why Is Visualization So Important?

Visualization is such a powerful and important technique when it comes to connecting with your Higher Self.

This is because your Higher Self exists in the immaterial world – the subjective, spiritual, feeling dimension.

To connect with it, you need to evoke certain emotions, symbols, and importantly, your creative imagination. It’s useful to ask questions and be receptive to answers or messages in these forms. It all starts in the mind.

As embodied humans, there is a visceral link between our subconscious and the spiritual world – the unseen, deep realms of our experience that require careful, intentional exploration. It’s important to remember that we are physical channels between the material and the mystical.

The language of the subconscious or ‘inner world’, much like the language of the spiritual, is that of pictures, mental images, symbols, and vague feelings.

Visualization helps you to channel all of those things – to speak that language, if you will. It allows you to connect and communicate (it is a two way street after all) with your Higher Self.

How To Visualize and Connect With Your Higher Self: 4 Steps

Your Higher Self can be invoked inwardly through meditation, quiet introspection and visualization exercises, with very visceral energetic effects.

You can also call upon your Higher Self using external methods such as tarot, oracle cards, dream analysis or automatic writing to ask your HS questions. I have a whole post about how to tap into your inner power including some of these techniques that you can read here.

Here though, I’m going to be talking specifically about meditative creative visualization for connecting with your Higher Self.

So, here are my all important 4 steps:

1. Create a state of calmness

Make sure to do this meditation somewhere super comfortable where you won’t be disturbed.

Before bed at the end of your relaxing evening routine when you’re feeling safe and centred is always a good time.

Set the mood with some relaxing lighting, maybe light some candles or use a Himalayan salt lamp to make you feel completely at peace. I’ll link mine just here if you feel inspired to get one for yourself (please note this is an affiliate link):

Get yourself in a comfortable position, either sitting on a couch or floor cushion, or laying down in bed.

If you find it helpful, pop some relaxing meditation or spa music on in the background. You can also utilize a guided visualization meditation like this wonderful meditation by Freya Haley.

Light an incense with your favourite, calming scent and find your stillness.

2. Feel your Higher Self from the inside

Go inwards and connect with your heart space. Create a communicative bridge between your ego and your HS, from a place of love and openness.

Ask yourself and explore: what does your true happiness and purpose feel like?

When you picture yourself embodying the brilliance of your Higher Self, what does it feel like?

What thoughts, emotions, and states of being arise in your body and mind?

Your HS is rooted in love, grace, and wisdom. It is you at your apex – what does that look like for you personally?

How are you spending your days and evenings? As your Higher Self, what do you believe to be true about yourself? What sort of questions fill your mind? What is your attitude towards yourself and your life?

The feeling of embodying your Higher Self – experiencing, exploring and acknowledging it – is what propels you forward in accordance with your purpose and desires.

Take note of what comes up for you – how you feel, what you think, any internal or external physical sensations that arise. You can always journal afterwards about what you learned or experienced from the exercise.

Don’t shy away from asking questions. If you’re unsure of what your purpose even is, or you need advice about a particular problem: ask, and be open to receiving messages in different ways.

3: Identify your Higher Self from the outside

What does your HS look like?

You now have a good idea about what it feels like to embody your HS. You’ve experienced it in your inner world.

But it can also be useful for your human mind to have a visual image of what your HS looks like. Making it more tangible in this way can aid creative visualizations and connection.

It doesn’t have to look like you. It could take a more vague or abstract shape, or feeling. Something that is visually identifiable.

This helps me personally to feel more connected and aligned with my HS. It allows me to see in my mind’s eye the physical embodiment of all those dreamy, positive emotions and wisdom – how she looks, moves, and talks.can

How does she respond when people ask her something? What vibes does she hold and give off?

I can start to adopt those physical qualities as well as the emotional ones.

4: Write it down in a journal

After coming back to the present moment, externalize all you’ve experienced in your heart and mind by writing it down in a journal.

Having written prompts or reminders can help to strengthen the image and evoke those same feelings that arose during the visualization.

It can also help you to make sense of and better understand/interpret the symbols, messages and guidance you have received. By interpreting and applying them to your current circumstances, you empower yourself to take inspired action and create change.

Over time, you may also be able to identify patterns through journaling which can contribute to a heightened sense of purpose or direction.

It may take some practice, but it’s a transformative experience that can lead to so much growth and self-exploration.

Remember: you have an abundant source of love and guidance inside you always! Yes, we sometimes need help from other people or tools. But the divine wisdom inside ourselves is often overlooked entirely, so do take time to explore that when you’re feeling safe and comfortable to do so.

Much love,

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