7 Ways To Tap Into Your Inner Magic

Life is full of magic. And by extension – so are you. Want to learn how to tap into your inner magic?

Energies, feelings, ideas, imagination, messages, symbols and spirits. Even though we can’t necessarily see them, they’re all around us all the time.

All of these things make up the elusive unseen world; the spiritual, subjective dimension of the human experience.

Even though they’re intangible and we don’t consider them to ‘exist’ in the physical sense, you can access them through instructing your mind and body in particular ways.

You can harness these immaterial, ephemeral things for positive effects in your own life: empowerment, agency, elevation, creativity, self-awareness, self-reflection, gaining perspective, cultivating a sense of self, connection and belonging.

By tapping into your inner magic, you can use these forces to create your own experience and bring about positive change.

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So, today, I wanted to share with you 7 different ways that you can tap into your inner magic and live a more spiritual, inspired life:

1. Meditation

At first, when you don’t really know what you’re doing, meditation can feel a bit strange or even pointless. But after some practice and having tried out some different exercises and techniques, hopefully it will start to make sense.

Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with yourself on a spiritual level. It’s a way of spending time with your own soul; exploring and disentangling your obscured-by-modern-daily-life inner world. It’s a medium of introspection, contemplation, clarity and non-judgmental curiosity.

Meditation can be incredibly empowering because, as a result, you may feel you understand yourself better.

This can be in terms of identifying and acknowledging a particular emotion, memory or response that’s coming up for you, or even your life purpose, or understanding your place in the universe with absolute clarity and resolution.

That said, you don’t have to have some kind of cosmic epiphany every time you meditate. That’s a bit unrealistic. Sometimes, just a little moment of quiet calm and focused breathing helps us to ground ourselves in the present and get through the day with our heads still screwed on.

The self-empowerment, catharsis and peace that comes with meditating as a form of self care is pretty magical. In my view, learning how to remain calm and respond to the whole spectrum of your emotions with compassion and curiosity is powerful way to tap into your inner magic.

1.1 Disclaimer

Important Note

Meditation might not work for everybody! It’s a beautiful practice and it helps me in a multitude of ways, however I would also advise you approach with caution if you have never tried it before, especially if you’re prone to intense anxiety, severe depression, or other complex mental health conditions. It could potentially be quite an overwhelming or discomforting experience if you’re not in the right frame of mind so I just wanted to pop in a word of warning to use your judgment. I would recommend you try it at a time when you feel safe and stable.

2. Strengthen Your Intuition

Another way to tap into your inner magic is by strengthening your intuition.

This means learning to pay attention to your inner knowing – instincts, hunches, and innate knowledge that you can’t quite trace the root of. Your intuition sends you messages or compels you to do certain things like take a different route home, for example, or call up an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. It can quietly tell you if somebody you’ve just met is good or bad news.

Intuitive messages can either be subtle or completely overpowering depending on the situation.

If you’re not quite as in tune with yourself as you’d like to be, it might take some practice to decipher these messages. This can be done through:

  • meditating (see above)
  • paying close attention to your dreams for themes and symbols
  • free flow journaling
  • testing your hunches
  • getting out into nature to clear your mind and find peace

Power can be found in the sense of self-knowledge, autonomy, and alignment that comes from trusting your intuition. It comes from knowing that you are connecting with and being spiritually guided by the trustworthy voice of your higher self.

It can be a challenge to pick apart your true intuition from anxiety or self-doubt, or any other form of social/mental conditioning. You could mistake your anxious inner self-critic for your intuition telling you not to pursue a particular path.

The key difference is that your intuition is guiding you from a place of love. It may not always get things right, but it will act in accordance with what is best for you.

Having a stronger intuition can enable you to feel more empowered and assured in making personal, emotional decisions and simply navigating everyday life.

3. Study Your History and Ancestry

Studying where you came from and learning about the people who came before you and lead to your existence can be very moving and empowering.

Just think about all the minute details and events that had to unfold for you to be here.

Honouring your ancestors is part and parcel of modern witchcraft and neo-pagan spiritual practices, whether that’s your grandparents, great-grandparents or even further back in history.

Having photographs or heirlooms on an altar or placed around your home is one way to do this – invoking their spirits during ritual and when you need guidance.

Of course, you don’t just have to study your genealogical family tree.

You can explore your roots in terms of your community or culture, or the development of humanity as a whole. You could research different strands and philosophies of spirituality through time, or study folk tales from your country or continent.

Whatever helps you to feel connected and cultivates your sense of self and belonging.

4. Connect With Nature

Connecting with nature is another potent way to tap into your inner magic.

As I talked about in my previous post, humans are not separate entities from what we call “nature”. We are very much a part of nature – we’re inside it, inextricably it.

Modern life has meant that our kinship and interconnection with the natural world has been largely forgotten, ignored and suppressed. However, remembering who and what we are can bring about a radical, magical shift in our perspective and self-understanding.

It can help us feel more grounded, more purposeful, more significant, more beautiful. Connecting with nature can conjure a sense of oneness with everything in the universe that enables us to recognize ourselves as profoundly spiritual beings. It brings peace, contentment and knowingness – who wouldn’t want that?

A couple of ways you can do this include meditating in a natural setting, planting a tree or flowers, gardening, growing your own food, hiking and wild swimming.

5. Practice Divination For Spiritual/Life Guidance

Divination is a great way to connect with the unseen world of feelings, energies, spirits, symbols and messages, and harness them for action; to make desired changes in your life.

See if you can get your hands on a deck of tarot or oracle cards. Alternatively, consider investing in a pendulum to receive knowledge or guidance from the otherworldly. There’s also reading tea leaves or ‘tasseography’ to get a sense of future events.

Spending time exploring the subjective dimension of the human experience will have you feeling so powerful and inspired. However, be cautious and perform grounding exercises before and after to protect your energy from negativity.

As with meditation, I would really recommend only engaging in these sorts of practices if you’re feeling safe and stable, and to avoid them if you’re currently experiencing any complex mental health conditions, prone to anxiety or depression.

There’s so much more to life than meets the eye.

Tapping into that magic potential and harnessing it for positive change in your own life is extraordinary.

6. Create Something

The very act of creation is magical in and of itself – manifesting something original into existence with your will and intention.

Your ability to access creative ideas that you can then manifest into physical form as matter or physical experience is magic.

Our bodies are basically creative mediums. They are vehicles connecting the unseen, intangible world of energy and imagination to the material, physical world of things.

You don’t have to have a well thought out or structured plan, either. You can just start making and see what comes out, like free flow journaling.

Write a song or piece of music, a short story, poem, comic, draw, paint, make a video, start a blog, bullet journal, photo album…whatever you feel particularly drawn to.

We are all creators of our own realities and experiences to a great extent. We are always actively creating our experiences through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, responses and actions. Being a human is itself an inherently creative project.

7. Practice Self-Love

Lastly, if you want to tap into your inner magic, practice self-love.

Literally tell yourself that you love yourself.

Write down 3 or 5 or 10 things you admire about yourself.

Give yourself grace and the space to grow.

Forgive yourself for past and present mistakes.

Take care of yourself and properly nourish yourself.

Listen to your intuition and respond to your body’s signals.

Speak to yourself and about yourself with compassion, curiosity and understanding.

As well as the inner work that self-love involves, like cultivating a compassionate and empowering internal monologue, there are external techniques and ways of showing yourself love that help to facilitate that.

Journaling, positive affirmations, therapy, talking, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, asking for help, resting, challenging yourself, setting goals and intentions, questioning things, thinking critically… all these things can have a significant impact on your sense of self and general wellbeing.

Self-love is as much about pushing, challenging and questioning yourself as it is enjoying and pampering yourself – both are important!

The key is to underpin it all with a compassionate voice that encourages potentially painful growth and reflection AND pleasurable self care.

Doing so will shift your paradigm and empower you in ways you can’t imagine.

Thank you so much for reading – I hope you found these helpful!

Until next time,


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