10 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Powerful

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Bad Mental Health Days

You know those days when you wake up and just feel completely and utterly deflated? Like all of your confidence and motivation has been stolen in the night by some sort of happiness-eating self doubt-powered gremlin. I know those days allll too well.

It can feel almost impossible to pick yourself up and feel powerful on those days when it feels like the world is against you. When everything feels slow and scratchy and harsh in your brain.

As it goes, life is full of ups and downs. Our moods ebb and flow. Some days, it can feel like all your hard work and progress with your mental health has gone out the window. But it is only temporary. Remember: this too shall pass.

Periods, Emotions and Empowerment

On top of that, our hormones and cycles play a huge part in what side of the bed we wake up on (metaphorically speaking, mostly). It makes me laugh how every month I seem to forget to factor in my cycle. I’m always confused and frustrated about why I feel so shit on this particular day, and then I start my period and it’s like. OH. It’s you.

You’re the one that’s been making me cry and put cheese on everything.

I find that I’m much better equipped to handle my deflated, disempowered days when I’m in tune with my body and my cycle. I’ve been using the app Clue to track my periods for almost three years now and it has been so empowering to establish a stronger connection with my body.

I’m more conscious and considerate of hormonal fluctuations, and I’m able to synchronize my mind and body instead of feeling like they’re working against each other. Because Clue notifies me when my cycle is about to begin, I can plan my self-care accordingly, and my hormonal thoughts and moods don’t seem so severe and all-consuming.

It allows me to feel powerful again, and to avoid falling into the gremlin pit.

Of course, hormones and periods aren’t the root cause of all our human emotions. Maybe you’ve had an experience that’s caused a dip in self-confidence and the self-doubt gremlins are creeping in. Perhaps you’re in a work or relationship situation that’s causing you to feel powerless.

Whatever is getting you down, there are effective ways (if you feel up to it!) to give yourself a little mood and self-confidence boost. Or just to inject a little dose of fun into your day.

This little list is a compilation of pick-me-ups to help you to feel powerful! They’re based on things that generally work for me when I’m trying to get my groove back. They’re intended for as and when you need them, as opposed to a more structured set of daily goals and habits for bettering your mental health. Although you could do them everyday if it works for you!

A lot of the things mentioned provide a sense of catharsis or transformation. They enable me to feel connected to my best, highest self. They allow me to feel creative and in control. As a result, they help me to feel powerful.

So, here’s my list of ten things you can do to make yourself feel powerful:

10 Ways To Feel Powerful ✨

1. Take a long pamper shower – and I mean like, 30 or 40 minutes if you have it. Playlist on, hair wash, exfoliate, moisturise, shave (if that’s your thing), rejuvenate! Having a long paper shower like this is like being in a cocoon preparing to emerge as a beautiful, less-depressed butterfly.

2. Put on THE outfit that makes you feel like a bad bitch – you know the one. The one you wear when you find out your ex is going to the same party as you and they’re bringing their new partner. Find good lighting and take some selfies!

3. Recite some positive affirmations – find affirmations online that resonate with and energise you, or alternatively write out some of your own based on your circumstances and goals.

4. Make a vision board – create a tangible, visual reminder of your goals and dreams to remind you and motivate you everyday.

5. Go for a walk or do a workout with a high BPM soundtrack to get your heart racing and endorphins firing – songs that make you feel like you’re the protagonist, you know?

6. Create something – write a song, poem or short story, draw, paint, sew, crochet, whatever works for you based on your skills and hobbies.

7. Cleanse your space – do some spring cleaning, de-clutter, light some candles, and banish negative energy from your environment.

8. Focus on goal-setting and practice manifestation techniques to bring them into your reality – identify and start to embody what it is you desire, what ignites that spark and that drive inside you. You can read more about my favourite Law of Attraction methods here!

9. Do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone – for example, sign up for a Zoom class, make a YouTube video, or open up to a friend about how you’ve been feeling.

10. Try to lucid dream – I’m big on lucid dreaming. I always feel so refreshed, invigorated and incredibly powerful after doing it. Do a little research into different lucid dreaming techniques and visit another dimension or explore your subconscious while you sleep!

I hope you found this list useful! Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these and how you found them.

It really is just about getting to knowing yourself more intimately and having a self-awareness about your moods, your triggers and your self care strategies.

That way, you’re in a better position to create effective self care rituals and make empowered choices that only strengthen your self-confidence and instil inner peace.

Stay tuned for a new blog post coming this week!

Look after yourself ✨


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