Self-Care Rituals (For Mind, Body and Spirit)

The Five Elements of Self-Care

When it comes to my self-care rituals, there are five elements that I pay particular attention to, to make sure that I’m adequately nurturing my body, mind and spirit.

That way, I’m consciously aware of whether there are certain aspects of self-care, be it mental, physical or spiritual, that I’ve been neglecting that might be impacting my general mood, vibration and well-being.

The mind-body connection cannot be understated. It is so important to realise how they work in harmony with one another, so that we can tune into our bodies and take care of ourselves in a more holistic and comprehensive way.

It helps me so much to have some umbrella categories that I can refer to when creating my self-care rituals and considering how I can fit them into my daily life and tasks. That’s how I came up with the five elements system; I contemplated the things that are most important for me to do everyday to feel happy, balanced and nourished and each day I see how I can reasonably fulfil those things!

Getting Outside

The first element of my self-care rituals is getting outside.

Whether I’m just walking down the road to pick up a couple of things from the supermarket, or I have some more time and take a longer stroll down by the sea, getting out for my daily dose of Vitamin D is so important for my well-being.

I find walking for any length of time incredibly calming and grounding. I always find that I feel better afterwards. Taking long, daydream-y walks when I can, listening to music, a podcast, or taking note of the natural sounds around me, is definitely one of my favourite forms of self-care.

It’s good for my body to move and be active. It’s good for my mind to be out of the house and have a change of scenery. And, it’s good for my spirit to let the Earth see me and not wilt away in my bedroom.

I normally like to get outside at least once a day (including running errands and work tasks) but if some work days it’s not feasible for me to leave the house, I aim to spend a little extra time out walking or just sitting and basking in the sunlight the following day.

I love walking around my little coastal town, visiting places that are sacred to me; places that harbor little pieces of my soul where I spent a lot of time in my childhood and growing up. I often find myself wandering past my first home that I lived in until I was 8 and glancing up at my old bedroom window, picturing myself playing in there as a tiny human.

I am ridiculously sentimental and nostalgic, sometimes to my own detriment. But I love to focus on feeling connected to my roots and surroundings, building up an energetic relationship through routine, rituals and positive associations.

Cultivating Your Space

Secondly, another important part of my self-care rituals is to cultivate a space that is welcoming, inspiring and soothing.

The good thing is, you don’t need oodles of square footage to create somewhere that feels safe, special and intimate. Simply lighting candles, burning incense or your favourite oils will help your mind to tap into those warm, cosy, fuzzy feelings, happy memories and optimistic, nostalgic dreaminess.

My favourite incense to burn is the Satya Nag Champa ‘Midnight’ incense. It is divine.

Use pictures, printables, old postcards, flowers, dry herbs, crystals, cut outs from old books or magazines that you vibe with.

Also, get some mood lighting going. I find that lighting has a massive impact on my mood and general vibe.

I’d recommend investing in a Himalayan salt lamp (mine makes me feel SO dreamy) or alternatively some warm, white fairy lights.

Undoubtedly, cultivating and livening up your space like this does make it aesthetic and sensorily pleasing. But it also gives you a sense that you have done something nice for yourself. You’ve successfully taken care of yourself and attended to your mental and spiritual needs. I always imagine myself as a Sim trying to boost my environment need bar (I used to play far too much Sims).

If I have my space set up how I like, I make sure to tidy things away and do spring clean whenever I notice that little nagging sensation in my mind. I know by now that putting off cleaning and de-cluttering only triggers cycles of negative thinking and inaction.

We really can’t underestimate just how much our external space affects and parallels our interior selves.


The third element of my self-care rituals is positive affirmations, or as I like to call them: invocations.

I like to call them invocations because I love the connotation that we bring reality from within ourselves to the outer world.

Words have a powerful, transformative dimension in that, in effect, they change our external (and internal) conditions and realities. Think about the aftermath of having an argument with a close friend, or somebody in your life confessing their love to you. Think about how it fundamentally changes the energy and the space you exist within.

Words can forever change how you interact with somebody and perhaps even how you perceive yourself. Therefore, they can alter the course of events for better or worse.

Even subtly, at an energetic level, words are magic spells that shape our worlds. So, use them tenderly. When you speak about yourself and others, use them tenderly and wisely.

Whether you speak them out loud or pour them into your journal, know that they matter and that how you use them imprints on your psyche and spirit!

Reciting positive affirmations daily has been one of the biggest game-changers for me in terms of my self-esteem.

Understanding where my negative belief systems and thought patterns have come from and being armed with the linguistic ability to change and replace them has been beyond empowering and magical.


The fourth element that I consider when creating my self-care rituals is: nourishment.

Food is literally energy; it gives our bodies the energy to live our lives and do all the things that we love to do. But food is not only about fuel and energy and bodies, it’s also about enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure, bonding, creativity, culture, and fun!

Preparing, creating and consuming nourishing meals is an act of love and care. Whether it’s just you by yourself baking in your apartment at 2am or making a three course meal for your family for a special occasion.

I have gained such a joyous love of cooking and creating tasty, nourishing meals since re-evaluating my relationship with food, dieting and my body. It’s an area of my life where the mind-body connection is most tangible. It’s also a challenge – to keep ourselves nourished and happy within a culture that tries with all its might to keep us otherwise.

I take physical, mental and spiritual pleasure in choosing myself over diet culture and wellness restriction – and telling it to go F itself.

I love exploring the food spectrum and being introduced to new ingredients, recipes and flavours. As I am mostly plant-based, my first blog post was a guide for plant-based newbies! In that post, I laid out my 9 essential vegan ingredients to stock up on in honour of Veganuary. You can check that out right here!

Drinking water and staying hydrated is also an important aspect of keeping ourselves nourished. As such, these things have such an enormous impact on our general mood and well-being.

Also, nourishment isn’t solely reserved for the body – nourish your mind too!

Meditate, read, write, watch things that lift your spirits and put you into a state of calm, creativity and curiosity.

Which brings me onto the last element of my self-care rituals…

Arts, Stories and Entertainment

Art, stories and entertainment such as books, films, TV shows, poems, YouTube videos… all of these things add so much colour and texture to our inner and outer worlds.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I spend so much of my free time watching TV shows and YouTube. It’s how I relax so it’s vital for my self-care.

So, I allow myself to make time for these things purely because they make me feel good. And sometimes they enable me to escape into virtual reality for a little while. A waking sleep. And I think we all need a little of that sometimes!

Also, on a higher level, they help us to flex and strengthen our imaginations and to imagine and envision new possibilities for ourselves and the world. They help us find meaning and comfort in things that are complex and uncertain and to navigate morality and grow as people.

They stimulate us, comfort us, absorb us, help us to temporarily escape, they give us the time and space to rest.

And that is very important!

Thank you for reading!

I hope my little exploration of how I approach my self-care rituals was of some use and value to you.

Let me know what some important elements of your self-care rituals are by leaving me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a beautiful day.



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