About Me

Hi! I’m Pip – welcome to Salt+Circle 🌙

If you too fear being perceived but have spent too much time avoiding the real world and are ready to try something new (like actually becoming a person)… this blog might be able to help you out.

I created Salt+Circle as an eclectic space to write about various things relating to
– spirituality (have I been on some journeys this past year..) and spiritual wellbeing
– manifestation
– self care, mental health and personal development
– growing and healing through a magical lens

I wanted a space to share and create and connect and (hopefully) inspire others with the lessons I’ve learned from my own experiences and self-development.

Always feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

EMAIL: saltandcircle@gmail.com

Meet The Blogger

Hi cherubs, I’m Pip ✨
Matcha and solar-powered eclectic witch from the north coast of Wales.
Welcome to my digital living room, pour yourself some tea and get comfy. This space is all about spiritual wellbeing, self care & lifestyle for magically-inclined misfits ☕🌙✨